Former Monzo Alums Launch AI Startup Nustom for Non-Technical Software Development

Jonas Templestein, co-founder of Monzo, introduced his latest venture, Nustom, in March 2024. Nustom aims to democratize software development by empowering individuals without technical backgrounds. Templestein, along with his team of former Monzo colleagues, including Matt Heath who recently joined, brings a wealth of experience from their tenure at the digital bank.

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Both Templestein and Heath's journey began at Starling Bank in late 2014, where they served as software engineers before departing within five months. Following Tom Blomfield's departure from Starling, they joined him, with Templestein assuming the role of CTO and Heath becoming a founding engineer at Monzo. Heath's seven-year tenure saw him rise to the position of vice president, focusing primarily on architecture and infrastructure, including spearheading the technical aspects of Monzo's beta launch in the United States. His departure in 2022 marked the beginning of his freelance career as a principal engineer. Nustom's notable backers, listed on its website, include OpenAI's Research Lab, Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan, and notably, Tom Blomfield, signaling confidence in Templestein and Heath's new endeavor.

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