Generative AI Could Transform Enterprise Software and the Way We Work, Forever

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has transfixed many across the internet, as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other platforms create images and audio or make conversations using large language models (LLMs). AI can even take those conversations and use them to adjust the products it produces and grow smarter in some ways. With all the unknown potential generative AI has to offer, it’s easy to imagine some ways it can transform the enterprise applications we use daily.

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Rather than using our mouse to navigate interfaces, generative AI could take interaction to the next level by replacing the classic point-and-click with voice commands, using the applications’ underlying model or your company’s internal language model. Though we may be accustomed to voice interfaces like Siri and Alexa, these have their limitations. Generative AI could use the same technology to transform the way we work, where commands such as “onboard a new hire” would prompt AI to take on the task.

However, AI cannot build its own future just yet. It will take human engineers and their creativity to make such interfaces feel like more than just an add-on, as well as more focused LLMs to expand capabilities even further.