Google Picks No-Code Development Software Horse To Ride, Provides Significant Backing

With the need for software development growing in demand, it’s only logical that tools to enable everyday business folk to translate their knowledge into software development would come about. And so it has with a company founded just two years ago, which has become all the rage with industry heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs, Google, and Liberty Mutual.

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Unqork was created by Gary Hoberman, a tech veteran, to helps large companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications without writing a single line of code. Prior to Unqork, Gary was Executive Vice President and Global CIO for MetLife, overseeing technology across 47 countries and managing a $1.2 billion budget. And prior to MetLife, Gary was the youngest-ever Managing Director at Citigroup, and worked in a number of executive technology leadership roles at Citi and Solomon Smith Barney.

Recently, Unqork announced its $80 million Series B round led by CapitalG, the late stage growth venture capital fund financed by Alphabet, bringing the company’s total amount raised since inception to more than $110 million.

Gary states, "We're ecstatic to have CapitalG help power Unqork's momentum for continued growth," further adding, "By building on our proven financial services and insurance successes, the additional funding will allow us to help deliver more of the best enterprise no-code technology and enable fully functional application development for top companies all over the world."

One of its key clients Liberty Mutual also provided commentary via their EVP and CIO James McGlennon, "Property and casualty insurance (P&C) is a complex web of regulations, regional variations, and constantly changing rules and dynamics." James continued, "We were the first to recognize Unqork's unique ability to address this complexity and have since trained 50 employees to build and manage applications."

Laela Sturdy, General Partner at CapitalG, highlighted the company’s innovative product and execution capabilities, "The idea of no-code application development has been a dream in the enterprise, but the technology has never been able to deliver for applications of a high complexity and scale," she said. "Unqork has cracked this problem and is uniquely positioned to enable digital transformation at scale."