Google Unveils Two New AI Tools to Enhance Mobile Search Experience

Google has introduced two new AI tools aimed at revolutionizing the online search experience. The first feature, named "Circle to Search," enables Android users to circle, tap, highlight, or scribble on images, videos, or text to gather more information about the selected elements. This tool, initially teased during Samsung's Unpacked event and set to launch on high-end Android smartphones, including the Galaxy S24, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro, aims to make the search process more personalized and intuitive.

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The second feature allows users to utilize their mobile camera or upload a photo to ask detailed questions via the Google app, receiving information about the objects captured. For instance, users can inquire about unfamiliar items, such as a board game spotted at a yard sale. The company's continuous efforts to enhance its search capabilities align with the broader trend in the tech industry, where major players like Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are racing to deploy similar AI-driven technologies. The company emphasizes that these tools represent just the beginning of the possibilities, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation in the search domain.

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