Henry Schein Bolsters Dominance in Dental Software Market

Henry Schein Inc. has partnered with Internet Brands, a media company that runs consumer health website WebMD, to develop market software for dentistry practices. The companies officially announced this joint venture on July 2, 2018, naming it Henry Schein One, with Henry Schein owning greater than 70% of the joint venture.

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Henry Schein One seeks to amalgamate its dentistry practice-management software such as Easy Dental and Dentrix, with Internet Brands’ online programs such as and Demandforce.  The goal is to create an all-inclusive platform further attracting customers and retaining their loyalty to Henry Schein products and services.

The company, a major distributor of medical, dental and veterinary products, is based out of Melville, NY.  It is led by Stanley Bergman who has served as CEO and executive chairman since 1989.  In 2017 Bergman was named CEO of the year by Chief Executive Magazine.  Bergman is also active in a number of dental industry organizations such as the American Dental Association and The Forsyth Institute, which continues to give him insight into the evolving needs of Dentists and the optimal software solutions to develop.

Bergman believes strongly in the path his company has taken, stating that with the increasingly wide spread implementation of electronic medical records and the necessity for compatibility between desktops and mobile devices, the need for such integrated products is rising.  Meanwhile research analysts predict that development of such dental practice management software platforms is essential in solidifying the company as the online supplier for dentists, warding off attempts by Amazon to penetrate the market.

Although Henry Schein has had its branded software since the early ‘90’s, the move seeks to further consolidate the brand as a one-stop shop for all things dental.  Per Bergman, “We want to become the iPad for the dentist”.