How to Provide Relief for Software Developer Burnout

Across every industry, employee burnout is a significant concern, but for high-performing software developers, the affliction seems particularly prevalent. A new survey from Haystack indicates that at least eight in 10 developers may experience burnout in their jobs—an alarmingly high number. In a survey of nearly 260 developers in the U.K., 83% reported feelings of burnout, 81% of which cited the COVID pandemic as a primary driver. The increased workloads some developers are experiencing are cited as a direct result of the virus, but workforces aren’t strained by the pandemic alone.

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Nearly half of the respondents said the pandemic was not the only (or in some cases, primary) catalyst for their high workloads, indicating that there may be a shortage of software development talent. More than half of those surveyed also cited inefficient processes, and more than 80% reported concerns about product reliability.

For companies to tackle such a daunting problem, there are a few easy ways they can relieve their developers’ burnout. Managers should be able to spot burnout before it reaches a boiling point, and be willing to provide developers with time off for mental health relief and burnout recovery. Adopting automation tools to help with pesky processes can also help mitigate the problems, and offering employees ways to alleviate their stressors could prevent future burnout.