HP Announces Microsoft Cloud Subscription Management Service For SMBs

HP is launching several new services, including a new subscription management service for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft cloud services, to support the growing IT needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The Fortune Top 20 company has launched the HP Subscription Management Service, which enables smaller enterprises to better manage costs and usage of SaaS applications in addition to providing license management for Microsoft 365 and the software giant's cloud catalog. HP is also offering visibility, analytics, and usage data by user, department, and geography to ensure IT teams can shift and scale subscriptions. The service will benefit channel partners by providing a single Microsoft marketplace for selling all of its cloud services, with additional value from HP’s licensing analytics and partner support.

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In addition to fixing or recalibrating subscriptions, HP Subscription Management Service secures remote work applications, optimizes them, and provides ongoing checks. The company says the service also helps organizations reduce costs and overhead while increasing security and compliance. The service will see a limited release to the U.S., France, the U.K., Germany, and Chile, rolling out by the first quarter of 2022. Apple recently announced a similar service aimed at helping SMBs navigate hardware and other troubleshooting.