HubSpot Launches Creators Program To Support Emerging Business-Forward Podcasts

HubSpot, an American developer of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management software, has announced the launch of HubSpot Creators, a new accelerator program to help find and invest in creators worldwide. The program is focusing on podcasters to start out, launching with a group of eight podcast creators, and providing them the resources to help grow their brands. The company will draw from its extensive experience building media channels and plans to expand to YouTube and newsletter creators with time.

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In the highly-saturated podcasting market, new creators might struggle with getting started and reaching listeners; using its experience producing a top-10 business podcast, My First Million with Sam Parr and Shaan Puri, HubSpot aims to help creators with operational and promotional support. The program will begin with eight new shows, which will join HubSpot’s Podcast Network, which includes more than 15 business-oriented shows. HubSpot will provide a monthly payment to creators that increases as their show gains listeners, as well as access to editors, producers, and other valuable resources.