IBM And The Weather Company Unveil Environmental Intelligence Suite To Fight Climate Change With AI

IBM and The Weather Company are launching a new SaaS tool designed to aid organizations in assessing and managing their own environmental impact. The new Environmental Intelligence Suite leverages AI to help organizations prepare for and respond to weather and climate risks that may disrupt business, more easily assess their own impact on the planet, and reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance and reporting. It was built as a lifeline for organizations dealing with wildfires, flooding, air quality problems, and other natural disasters.

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IBM knows that companies are facing climate-related damage to their assets and disruptions to supply chains and operations, all while trying to meet increasing expectations from consumers and investors to perform as an environmental leader. Without understanding how extreme weather events will impact their operations, as well as how their operations will ultimately impact the environment, organizations run the risk of unforeseen disruption and encountering regulatory and compliance issues. The EIS allows them to monitor for disruptive environmental conditions, predict potential impacts of climate change with climate risk analysis, and utilize insights to enact mitigation efforts, as well as measure and report on their environmental initiatives.