IBM Consulting and AWS Deepen Partnership to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption

In a strategic move towards advancing generative AI capabilities, IBM Consulting has announced a significant expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The collaboration aims to empower mutual clients to effectively operationalize and leverage generative AI across critical business use cases.

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As part of this initiative, IBM Consulting has set an ambitious goal to train 10,000 consultants on AWS generative AI services by 2024. This extensive training program will bolster expertise in generative AI and facilitate the delivery of innovative solutions and services to clients. The joint effort will enable seamless integration of AI into AWS-based business operations.

One of the key offerings arising from this enhanced partnership is the Contact Center Modernization with Amazon Connect. IBM Consulting and AWS have used the power of generative AI to create voice and digital functions that make it easier for chatbots to talk to real agents and give short summaries. This innovation aims to expedite issue resolution and elevate quality management.

Furthermore, AWS Platform Services, which was launched in November 2022, will now incorporate generative AI capabilities to enhance IT operations, automation, and platform engineering across the cloud value chain. This advancement will result in improved business serviceability and availability for apps hosted on AWS.

A highly anticipated service in this collaboration is the Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS. This offering will introduce a virtual assistant to optimize supply chain operations, including meeting customer expectations, inventory management, cost reduction, logistics streamlining, and risk identification.

Additionally, IBM Consulting will integrate AWS generative AI technologies into its own IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator. This integration will accelerate cloud transformation for AWS clients, facilitating processes like reverse engineering, code development, and conversion.

IBM's use of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service for accessing industry-leading foundations, further emphasizes its commitment to AWS Watson integration skills and growth. models (FMs) through an API. This empowers clients to select the most suitable model for their specific use cases.

To support clients in implementing generative AI, IBM Consulting has established a Center of Excellence for Generative AI. This provides clients with access to a pool of generative AI experts.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize how businesses leverage generative AI, with a focus on delivering tangible business value and transformation while minimizing risks. By combining IBM's deep expertise in business transformation with AWS's cutting-edge AI services, this partnership is poised to drive rapid and responsible adoption of generative AI applications.