IBM Launches LinuxONE 4 Express: Affordable and Cyber-Resilient Mainframe for Transactional Computing

IBM has introduced the LinuxONE 4 Express, which targets smaller organizations with a cost-effective entry point to mainframe computing. Emphasizing cyber-resilience with its "Secure Execution" hardware security systems, the mainframe holds certifications such as Common Criteria EAL 4, DISA STIG, and FIPS 140-3 compliance. Offering flexibility, users can choose their preferred software platform, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z bundled with various options like SLE Live Patching and SUSE Manager Lifecycle Management Plus.

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Despite the initial cost starting from $135,000, the LinuxONE 4 Express positions itself as an environmentally sustainable solution with a focus on long-term benefits. With the ability to run multiple containerized applications simultaneously, the mainframe is ideal for multi-tenancy operations and parallel application spaces, providing security and power efficiency. As industries demand accurate transactional computing, particularly in sectors like banking, finance, e-commerce, and IoT-based facilities, the LinuxONE hardware ensures data integrity and reliability. IBM's new offering aims to attract organizations seeking an alternative to hyperscale cloud providers, providing a capital expenditure option for those prioritizing end-user advantages and reliable transactional processing. The Express mainframe range is available directly from IBM or approved partners.

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