IBM Taps Israeli Startup WalkMe To Accelerate Digital Adoption Strategy

Israeli-based provider, WalkMe, offers tools that companies and organizations can utilize with their own apps to guide customers to use them more efficiently. Now, software giant IBM is turning to WalkMe to help resolve its digital adoption strategy.

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WalkMe uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, analytics, and automation to anticipate users’ needs. From this data, they provide assistance when and where customers need it.

In a statement from IBM, the company describes its digital portfolio experiencing high user abandonment rates. "Looking into our existing product data, it was clear that this retention issue was rooted in lackluster early experiences with our products that left users disengaged, or even worse, lost,” the statement reads. “It was evident that WalkMe and a broader digital adoption strategy would be critical in delivering the overarching experience that would help us to drive customer acquisition, activation, and expansion.”

IBM has since used WalkMe in tandem with its other digital platforms to build new integrations with Segment, the company's customer data platform. This allowed them to centralize data across WalkMe, product engagement, and its e-commerce platforms.

WalkMe has helped IBM accelerate its growth by implementing tracking and onboarding guidance in their digital portfolio. The Israeli company has assisted IBM in improving product usage, consumption, and retention by 300%, and reaching 80% digital offering revenue growth.

WalkMe has experienced its own growth as well. At the end of 2019, the company announced it had closed a $90 million round of funding led by Vitruvian Partners. The company also raised $50 million in a Series F round in 2018, which propelled it to unicorn status. WalkMe nearly doubled its valuation from 2018 to 2019, and it is now valued at more than $2 billion.

This month, WalkMe was also announced as part of the Forbes 2020 Cloud 100 list, which ranks the top 100 private cloud companies in the world. As leaders in digital adoption, WalkMe's insights, guidance, engagement, and automation platform provide leaders and companies like IBM with visibility into digital usage to make data-driven decisions.