IBM Announces New SASE Offerings, Powered In Partnership With Zscaler

IBM is introducing a new set of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions designed to catalyze cloud-delivered zero-trust security solutions for enterprises. The initiative is the first to leverage IBM’s strategic partnership with cybersecurity firm Zscaler, which is providing technology and expertise in cloud-based SASE architecture. IBM Security Services for SASE is an end-to-end suite covering strategic consulting, design and integration, and application onboarding, as well as managed cloud security services that protect user data and more. According to IBM, the tools should support the emerging hybrid workforce, third-party access systems, merger acquisition execution, and network upgrades.

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IBM Security Services for SASE includes the firm's zero-trust strategy protocols, SASE blueprints, and a modern network architecture. It also features Zscaler capabilities, including the creation of processes and policies for managing SASE, as well as support for IBM Managed Security Services. Created by John Kindervag during his time with Forrester, zero-trust security architecture eliminates the assumption that an organization can trust all of its internal users, whether they are compromised or acting maliciously. IBM hopes that with its own lauded Managed Security Services, paired with Zscaler’s Private Access and Internet Access platforms, more organizations can adopt cloud-based zero-trust security easily and at the right pace.