Independent Healthcare Practices Enter A New Era Of Technology

When it comes to introducing cutting-edge technology to independent healthcare practices, 2020 may represent a watershed moment in the industry. In fact, according to the findings of the Kareo 2021 State of the Independent Practice Report, independent practices may be poised to adopt cloud-based clinical and management software that would have been unimaginable just two years ago.

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Helmed by Chief Executive Officer and Founder Dan Rodrigues, medtech platform Kareo has been helping tens of thousands small and mid-sized practices grow their businesses. Kareo’s study into the use of technology by such healthcare providers has revealed a dramatic change in the field since its 2019 report.

As might be expected, 2020 was a dark time for these small healthcare providers, with three quarters of respondents reporting declines in patient volumes in June 2020. However, this downturn was matched by an even higher percentage of clinics reporting increased telehealth business, with 80% of independent practice respondents offering telehealth options by December 2020.

The practical implications of this wide-scale adoption of Kareo and other technology solutions are extremely heartening to this embattled industry. As of 2021, nearly eight out of ten independent healthcare providers report the same number of patients or more than they had in 2019. Expanded use of software-driven solutions by healthcare providers and customers alike appears to have delivered a much-needed shot in the arm for struggling independent practitioners in the post-COVID era.