Intel Building an Elevated Developer Community with its New Quantum Software Development Kit

Multinational technology corporation Intel has released version 1.0 of the Intel Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK), which was released in a beta version in September 2022. The SDK is a full quantum computer in simulation that interfaces with Intel hardware, including Horse Ridge II control chip and its upcoming quantum spin qubit chip. It’s designed to enable developers to program quantum algorithms in simulation using an intuitive programming interface based in C++ industry-standard low-level virtual machine (LLVM) compiler toolchain.

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The SDK interface provides a familiar programming language to classical computing developers, as well as a quantum runtime environment optimized for executing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms. The platform is customizable and expandable, enhancing flexibility for developing quantum programs and offering new, efficient, and accurate capabilities for developers.

Intel is committed to advancing quantum computing and growing a quantum development community. The company has provided grants for five universities in the United States, Germany, and Japan: The University of Pennsylvania, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, Keio University, The Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania State University. The institutions are using the SDK for a variety of implementations, including quantum machine learning, image generation, troubleshooting aerodynamics and hydrodynamics problems, and much more.