Intel Partners with DigitalBridge to Launch AI Software Firm, Articul8

In a strategic move to deepen its presence in the artificial intelligence (AI) space, Intel Corporation has joined forces with DigitalBridge Group to establish Articul8 AI, Inc., a new independent AI-based software firm. The collaboration is an extension of Intel's collaborative efforts with Boston Consulting Group and aims to focus on AI capabilities geared towards delivering tangible business outcomes.

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Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, DigitalBridge Group, with over 25 years of experience in managing assets, serves as a key player in the digital ecosystem. DigitalBridge Ventures, the venture initiative of DigitalBridge, played a crucial role as the lead investor in Articul8.

Articul8 AI is set to offer enterprise customers a vertically-optimized and secure generative AI (GenAI) software platform. This full-stack solution leverages AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to provide deeper insights and facilitate continuous improvement. The GenAI platform excels in optimizing results by generating new content based on various inputs such as text, image, audio, video, and code, capturing patterns from training data to produce unique outputs with similar statistical properties.

The primary objective of Articul8 is to develop a scalable and easy-to-deploy GenAI software platform, designed to unlock value from clients' proprietary data. The turnkey GenAI platform ensures speed, security, and cost-efficiency by keeping customer data, training, and inference within the enterprise security perimeter. Clients can opt for cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment, with support for various hybrid infrastructure alternatives.

While Articul8's platform is built on Intel hardware architectures like Xeon Scalable processors and Gaudi accelerators, it remains flexible to accommodate a range of hybrid infrastructure options. As businesses increasingly integrate GenAI capabilities into their workflows, Articul8 is poised to gain industry acceptance, benefiting Intel and its ecosystem of customers and partners.

Intel's recent initiatives, including the launch of AI chips for data centers and PCs, reflect its commitment to establishing a stronger presence in the expansive AI sector. The move aligns with the evolving market dynamics, spanning cloud and enterprise servers to networks and edge environments. As Intel pursues its 5N4Y program, aiming to regain transistor performance and power performance leadership by 2025, the collaboration with DigitalBridge and the establishment of Articul8 signal the company's proactive strategy to remain at the forefront of AI innovation.

Despite Intel's stock gaining 70.5% over the past year, the industry's growth has outpaced it at 141.4%. With a Zacks Rank #3, Intel remains focused on strategic collaborations and technological advancements to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI and computing.