Intrinsic CEO Wendy Tan White Seeks to Democratize Access to Robotics

U.K. startup veteran Wendy Tan White is no stranger to innovation—she launched the first SaaS website builder, Moonfruit, in 2000. Now, more than 20 years later, she’s lending her experience and expertise to Intrinsic, the AI-driven robotics software company spun out from Alphabet’s X “moonshot factory” project. With Tan White joining as its first chief executive officer, Intrinsic’s stated goal is to democratize access to robotics, making the technology more user-friendly for those who are not robotics and AI experts.

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Rather than developing its own hardware, Intrinsic is working to develop a software layer that can interface with a growing number of industrial robots designed for automotive and electronics manufacturing as well as logistics. Under Tan White’s leadership, the company’s upcoming initial offering will enable developers to create applications, add skills, and prove everything out in real-time using a built-in simulator.

The CEO also guided the company through the acquisition of Vicarious, a robotic software company with a RaaS (robotics as a service) approach; the two ventures are currently fully integrating. After only a year as an independent spin-off of Alphabet, Tan White has Intrinsic firmly pointed toward a moonshot trajectory.