Jama Software Sold to Francisco Partners for $1.2 Billion

Jama Software, a leading provider of software solutions facilitating the development of complex technology products, has been acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners for a staggering $1.2 billion. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Portland's technology landscape, echoing the magnitude of past landmark deals such as Viewpoint Construction Software's $1.2 billion sale in 2018. Founded in 2006, Jama Software played a pivotal role in establishing Portland as a hub for software startups, although the city's tech entrepreneurship has seen a decline in recent years, with many companies either merging with larger entities or relocating their executive teams out of state.

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Despite its reduced local presence, Jama Software's sale presents a notable success story for early local investors, including the Oregon Venture Fund (OVF), which is poised to achieve a substantial return on its investment. With CEO Marc Osofsky set to continue leading the company post-acquisition, Jama Software aims to capitalize on Francisco Partners' expertise to expedite its expansion across enterprises, industries, and continents. The acquisition underscores the evolution of Portland's tech ecosystem and the enduring impact of companies like Jama Software on the global stage.

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