JazzHR Continues To Lead In HR Software Market

Don Charlton was a graphic designer in Pittsburgh when he recognized a need for innovation in the hiring industry. In 2009, almost all companies were recruiting their workforce using email and spreadsheets, and he saw an opportunity to create a more efficient future. Using his web development skills, he created The Resumator software in January 2009, a small idea that would soon grow to become JazzHR.

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Today, its user-friendly platform is a powerful and affordable solution, enabling companies to acquire the best talent for the job at hand. By implementing an intuitive applicant tracking system, JazzHR leaves behind antiquated, manual tasks to bring the hiring process into the future.

Over the last eleven years, JazzHR has gone from a humble concept to a business that serves more than 6,000 small- and mid-sized customers across all industries with its award-winning recruiting software.

As a business built on change, the company is reluctant to call itself the be-all-end-all of recruiting. To stay on top of the dynamic trends in HR and workforce management, JazzHR proactively listens to its customers. It does this by inviting feature requests, holding insight sessions, and keeping up with consistent data analysis. Ultimately, its team is always paying close attention to its clients’ ever-evolving needs and uses that feedback to guide product development. “We look toward real recruiters to keep up with the trends and inform our next innovation,” a spokesperson told The Software Report.

If you ask JazzHR, the future is already here. The release of JazzHR White Label is its new, customizable version of the company’s award-winning software.

Going forward, JazzHR will continue helping more businesses recruit competitively through cutting-edge solutions and world-class support. “Our network of partners can now create custom-branded recruiting technology to deepen customer relationships, create new recurring revenue streams, and bolster client retention.”

Its renowned platform isn’t the only feature that makes JazzHR a leading provider of recruiting software. It’s the workplace culture that has ultimately led to innovation. The company prioritizes “transparency, engagement, and, most importantly, a customer-first mindset.”

Even as the global pandemic has forced its team into a remote working environment, the company continues to create a space that allows for collaboration, problem-solving, and a healthy work-life balance.

Whether it’s virtual happy hours or getting into the nitty-gritty of strategic planning, JazzHR puts its workforce first. “Besides professional support, we've also been intentional in making sure employees are caring for themselves outside of work. Since being remote is new for most of our team members, we're encouraging work-life balance with simple suggestions like getting outside and reaching out to coworkers for virtual coffee meetings.”

JazzHR has raised a total of $24.6 million in funding over 7 rounds according to data from Crunchbase. Their most recent funding series raised $6.6 million in 2017.