Leading Cloud Software for Insurance: Applied Systems’ Taylor Rhodes

If you're a leader and you don't do this one thing, you're gonna fall down.

He served as a U.S. Marine Corp Captain for four years.

He's been a tech CEO three times over, including for the #1 managed cloud company Rackspace.

He was rated a Top 50 SaaS CEO of 2023.

Now, reflecting on an illustrious career as he leads top insurance software company Applied Systems, Taylor Rhodes says he holds the most critical secret to running a successful company. Yes, innovation and profit are important. However, although Applied Systems boasts 3,000 employees, thousands of insurance clients, reliable long-standing investors, and several acquisitions in the last few years, Taylor says it's actually all about the people.

How does Taylor make sure he's surrounding himself with the best leaders possible who can take the company and run with it?

Listen to find out.

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