Leading SaaS Operations Management Platform BetterCloud Announces Launch of “Integration Center”

Leading SaaS operations management platform BetterCloud announced last week that it is launching its "BetterCloud Integration Center," a centralized exchange for its customers and partner integrations aimed to improving the security and management of popular SaaS applications. The announcement was made during Altitude 2019, the company's annual SaaSOps event aimed at bringing together IT and SaaS operations professionals.

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The BetterCloud Integration Center will be introduced alongside 32 new integrations designed to provide further support for key SaaS applications including GitHub, Zoom, DocuSign, Smartsheet, Atlassian, VMware Workplace One, PagerDuty, OneLogin, AWS, Tableau, Intercom, Splunk, Datadog, Duo and others.

According to the company, the BetterCloud Integration Center is designed to provide a community-driven outlook for SaaS management and security. The exchange will give enterprise IT teams a centralized place to access BetterCloud-built integrations from within BetterCloud-supported applications while also facilitating the creating and sharing of custom integrations. This will allow for quicker automation of complex IT admin processes while also ensuring secure and controlled user interactions within the SaaS application stack.

Following the announcement, BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis outlined the challenges that his company hoped to address with the introduction of BetterCloud Integration Center: "Enterprise IT teams have reached an impasse. Digital workplace applications are now mission-critical to business, but they've left IT teams with a growing mountain of repetitive operational and administrative work, as well as massive amounts of dispersed SaaS data to reign in. Every action an employee takes on an application—installing a plug-in, forwarding an email, downloading a file—requires close monitoring and fast response from IT to avoid misconfiguration issues and potential data leaks. Managing and securing SaaS has become a herculean effort for an IT workforce already at capacity—and it requires a community effort like the BetterCloud Integration Center to help scale IT's data protection and user orchestration efforts."

For the many BetterCloud customers who have been utilizing Platform APIs since the beginning to create integrations and set workflows and policies for their company's stock SaaS applications, BetterCloud believes that their new exchange will allow even further customization to provide users with even greater control over their SaaS application stack.

A number of existing BetterCloud clients agreed with Politis' assessment of the new BetterCloud Integration Center's potential. Essence VP of Global IT Colin McCarthy reacted to the announcement by noting that "BetterCloud has re-shaped the way we go about managing and securing our G Suite environment:" "First they gave us an out-of-the-box solution to uncover blind spots around email forwarding and delegation, manage email signatures, and monitor third-party services for security gaps. Then they gave us Platform APIs, which took these capabilities to the next level by allowing us to create our own custom integrations. Now they are introducing an exchange for us to share any new integrations with the rest of the BetterCloud community, and we couldn't be more excited."