Leveraging Digital Transformation Tools to Gain Competitive Advantage

Digital transformation is more than just an industry buzzword—for software companies, it’s an opportunity to use data to gain a competitive advantage. The value of data is greater than ever, and using analytics can only enhance many companies who wish to maximize it. This involves tracking, measuring, and analyzing data to increase development velocity and overall value, using platforms that are designed to help tech leaders gain visibility into teams’ performance to support a state of constant improvement.

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With agile data-driven management strategies, leaders can create flexibility and better harness business intelligence. Automated performance reporting and team activity management can help elevate a software company’s results, promoting increased product release quality and higher product performance. Utilizing DevOps practices can also help accelerate the delivery of products, reduce human error, and maximize people’s time and skills.

Cloud technologies and operating models can also help organizations access a wide array of cutting-edge products and services, reduce time-to-market, and scale to optimize operating costs as needed. At the same time, digital transformation can also expose potential issues that can cause operational disruptions. By implementing strategies, such as analyzing code repositories, leaders can also identify inefficiencies and improvement areas.