Lumen Technologies Appoints Ryan Asdourian as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Lumen Technologies, a leading global technology company, has appointed Ryan Asdourian as its new Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Asdourian, with a 20-year tenure at Microsoft, brings a wealth of experience to oversee brand and product marketing, along with corporate communications at Lumen. In his previous role at Microsoft, Asdourian led the Security business group, managing profit and loss, sales enablement, and marketing across North and South America. His leadership extended to pivotal positions, including heading business development and marketing for the Microsoft Surface business group in the U.S. and the Windows and Devices business group in the U.K.

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Reporting directly to Lumen President and CEO Kate Johnson, Asdourian's appointment underscores Lumen's strategic focus on reshaping its brand and market positioning for accelerated growth. Johnson expressed confidence in Asdourian's ability to align product capabilities with customer needs, emphasizing his role in shaping Lumen's brand amidst the company's transformative phase. Asdourian, acknowledging the significant opportunities for growth and innovation at Lumen, looks forward to showcasing the company's capabilities today and in the future, aligning with Lumen's commitment to connecting people, data, and applications securely and efficiently on a global scale.

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