Make Enterprise Software Easier to Use and Appealing to Customers and Designers

Enterprise software engineers are typically tasked with designing products that work seamlessly for their intended customers. However, some run into unavoidable roadblocks. Sometimes, these designers are forced to prioritize adding as many features as possible over software elegance, creating products that suffer in quality and ease of use. But business leaders must listen to their customer base and develop solutions enterprises want to use, whether because of their effectiveness or user experience (UX).

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There are a few ways designers and leaders can produce solutions that are attractive and user-friendly:

The first consideration should be design aesthetics, which are beneficial for both end users and engineers; individuals always prefer software solutions that boast visual and functional appeal. Next, online forms should be simplified to eliminate pain points for customers and employees alike. Finally, leaders should trust the humans using their software and enable them to use it easily — without too much retyping or excessive confirmation buttons. Ultimately, it’s important to put the humans before the technology, designing the software more closely to their needs.

When customers encounter an elegant UX with easy-to-use forms, portals, and the like, it will only attract more customers. And the same goes for the software designers; making things easier on the engineers keeps the entire operation running in a positive direction.