Managing Multiple Cloud Environments in the Blink of a Thousand Eyes

Up until now, managing multiple cloud software environments and having the ability to effectively leverage and visualize application and network-layer performance metrics has been next to impossible.

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Though plenty of organizations have expressed interest in doing so, these types of capabilities have presented a complex logistical problem that was simply too difficult to crack. But San Francisco-based Thousand Eyes has the answer.

In June, Thousand Eyes released its Network Intelligence solution. The software offers enterprises the opportunity to create multi-cloud architectures that are truly global in scope.

More and more companies are employing a multi-cloud architecture. Whereas packet capture, flow and SNMP were traditionally used to monitor systems, these methods are useless when it comes to the cloud networks of today.

Using Network Intelligence, companies can now leverage a data-driven approach to multiple cloud deployments across concurrent AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform environments. Firms using Network Intelligence can more easily connect these ecosystems to each other and will reap all the benefits that increased connectivity provides.

This capability is also sure to mitigate risk. With each cloud software solution that is deployed, companies are trusting the complex web of service providers needed to make the solution a reality. By deploying Network Intelligence, companies can more accurately assess the health and effectiveness of the cloud ecosystem and ensure that services are rendered on time.

Thousand Eyes has been providing enterprise-level integrated software solutions since 2010. The company, which has raised over $60 million in venture funding, provides solutions that let companies successfully migrate to the cloud, modernize their WAN and have visibility into every user experience across all networks.

The company counts some of the biggest companies in the world as clients, including: Comcast, eBay, HP, nearly 100 of the Global 2000, 55 of the Fortune 500, 5 of the 6 top US banks, and 18 of the 20 top SaaS companies. This new innovation is sure to attract even more new customers eager to see the software world with the help of Thousand Eyes.