Marketing Wizard Scott Olrich Makes His Mark At DocuSign

It must have been a curious thing to watch a tech firm trying to build a business based on electronic signatures – especially in 2003. Yet that is exactly what DocuSign did and they are still going strong sixteen years later. Scott Olrich is the chief operating officer of the $9 billion e-doc empire and he has his own opinions on how his company got there.

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“Our value is simple to understand: legacy, paper-based agreement processes are manual, slow, expensive, and error-prone. We eliminate the paper, automate the process, and connect it to all the other systems that businesses are already using,” Olrich shared in an interview.

When asked how the San Francisco-based company makes its money, he pointed to the company’s broad base of appeal ranging from the solopreneur operating out of her home office all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. The simple and very successful truth comes from their ability to be the best at what they do.

“What makes DocuSign so attractive is our horizontal platform, addressing a large market opportunity of hundreds of potential use cases across all industries,” Olrich said.

“Our ongoing innovation has added significant functionality to our e-signature solution with the addition of features such as Comments, Strike-through, Responsive Signing and more,” he shared. “Coupled with the security and scalability of our solution, at over 99.99 percent uptime at our own data centers, DocuSign remains the market leader in e-signature. In addition, we believe our penetration of the $25 billion e-signature market is in the early stages, and we see a huge runway for growth.”

Since joining the DocuSign team, Olrich has been the main man driving the Silicon Valley company’s global vision, strategy, marketing, partner and enablement efforts. From his humble beginnings with Xerox to his work with Accenture and Oracle’s Responsys, he has over 25 years’ experience helping tech firms achieve market domination.

“Time and again, Scott’s vision and leadership have proven instrumental in empowering customers for success, creating a great place to work for employees, and driving hyper growth,” said Dan Springer, CEO of DocuSign, of Olrich’s addition to the team in 2017. “I’m delighted to see Scott joining the DocuSign family, adding to the already high caliber of talent across our team.”

Springer’s words represent more than the welcome one extends to a new team member – they reflect a well-earned reputation for reading the lay of the land. Olrich understood early on that the internet represented the future of marketing and during his tenure with Responsys, he launched the innovative Interact Suite, an email and multi-channel marketing platform, that would become the must-have SaaS application for savvy sales and communications teams everywhere.

He was recognized for his pioneering marketing efforts at Responsys and has been credited as being the architect of a now-proven approach called “Cross-Channel Lifecycle Marketing” – a means of mapping and marketing to customers spanning across the digital customer lifecycle. He has been named as one The CMO Institute’s Top 10 US CMOs and is often called upon to offer his insights in leading industry publications. Olrich received his BS in business administration from San Diego State University-California State University.