Meta VP of Product Paresh Rajwat Named Head of Office for Pacific Northwest

At Facebook’s parent company, Meta, Paresh Rajwat leads a team of engineers that is working to create a “metaverse” where people from around the world can chat, shop, and connect with each other. Rajwat, the current vice president of product management, has now been named the new head of office for the company’s Pacific Northwest region — the second-largest hub behind the Menlo Park, California, headquarters. The Seattle-area offices are home to roughly 8,000 employees, and the executive is optimistic about the role they will play in developing the anticipated metaverse.

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With eight years at Meta, and decades of experience with companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo, Rajwat is uniquely qualified to lead the company’s Seattle-area hub. While he oversees the development of virtual reality and metaverse features, he also wants to focus on the company’s workplace culture and connections with the Seattle community. The company boasts offices in Seattle proper, Redmond, and most recently, Bellevue, but Rajwat asserts that it still embraces remote work, rather than forcing employees to return to the physical premises. If the highly-anticipated metaverse is a success, he believes remote work will virtually feel the same as being in-person.