Michael Fertik Stars in Silicon Valley ‘Mockumentary’ Bubbleproof

Michael Fertik is the founder, executive chairman, owner and former CEO of, the company responsible for pioneering the “reputation economy.” The “futurist with more than ten patents,” is praised as one of the world’s leading cyberthinkers in digital privacy and reputation.

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“Reputation is currency. It’s as valuable as your corporate balance sheet or the cash in your wallet,” says the Internet entrepreneur, author, speaker, and tech industry disruptor.

Fertik, who earned a degree from Harvard Law School, co-founded his first business as an undergraduate, later selling his software company TruExchange.

Now, the tech visionary, already a best-selling author for books including “The Reputation Economy” and “Wild West 2.0,” with his fiction and poetry in literary journals, will star in a “mockumentary” film from Femtofilm.

Michael will star in “Bubbleproof” as “Silicon Valley’s most intoxicating innovator.” The “true-ish” story centers around the entrepreneur, who just when it seems is ready to give the startup life a break, is lured back in by famed venture capitalist David Cowan, who raises a $200 million early-stage fund. Throughout the film, the real-life tech investor serves as a partner and mentor to Fertik.

“Part Best in Show, part Shark Tank, Michael employs counterintuitive methods to reinvent venture capital investing and bubbleproof the industry,” said Fentofilm.

The full-blown web series will feature Silicon Valley execs and VCs making fun of themselves and the media hype around tech bubbles. The three-minute trailer for the film shows Cowen falling off of his walking desk, and features scenes where over-enthusiastic investors pour money into startups without even looking at their pitch decks. Naturally, things hit the fan, as the fund quickly goes off the rails and the industry nears another much-feared and publicized bubble.