Microsoft Adds Seattle Startup Suplari To Growing Suite Of Data Applications

Seattle-based startup Suplari has been acquired by software giant Microsoft, which intends to enhance and build upon its Dynamics 365 suite of enterprise resource planning applications. Founded in 2016, Suplari provides AI-enabled analysis of procurement and spending data to mid-sized and large enterprises, producing insights and recommendations for cost savings, risk exposure, and other efficiency gaps. When paired with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Suplari will help its customers automate data analysis along with historical patterns, using AI to optimize financial visibility. Currently, the startup manages more than $180 billion in spend across millions of transactions per month.

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Suplari is one of many software companies, both upstarts and old guard, harnessing AI and machine learning to expand the capabilities of data automation. Established companies like Cognizant and IBM, as well as startups such as Skai, Tellius, and Kira, are taking advantage of AI and related technologies to lead digital transformation and “insights-as-a-service” platforms. Fortune Top 20 company Microsoft is in direct competition with Amazon Web Services and Google for large-market data dominance, and Suplari is the latest acquisition in its efforts to strengthen its overall capabilities. The software heavyweight has acquired Peer5, CloudKnox, and several other growing companies in 2021 alone.