Microsoft And Salesforce Among Major Companies Jumping On Call Center And Customer Service Software Bandwagon

In the continuing drive toward digital transformation, old technologies and services are being reevaluated and revitalized to help enterprises stay ahead of the competition. To that end, Microsoft and Salesforce, two of the biggest players in enterprise technology, are among the software vendors hoping to supply organizations with new tools aimed at improving customer service centers and building them into lifetime value drivers. Customer support technology companies are in the midst of a boom that re-emphasizes the importance of retaining customers and keeping them satisfied over the long term.

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Salesforce and Microsoft are just two of the many high-profile companies hoping to capitalize on the rejuvenated interest in customer service and call center technology. Zoom Video Communications, the video conferencing company that has thrived in the COVID-19 landscape, attempted to acquire cloud contact center software enterprise Five9 for a reported $14.7 billion, but was turned down by shareholders with a keen eye on the sector’s continuing growth. Genesys, one of the leaders in this particular software space, recently announced $580 million in new funding from strategic partners Salesforce, Zoom, and ServiceNow—all companies hoping to get in on the sector’s boom before it’s too late.