Microsoft Breaks Tradition Of Corporate Neutrality To Support Ukraine

In a break from tradition, multinational corporations have begun throwing their support behind Ukraine as it continues to fight against invading Russian forces. Among the outspoken corporate voices, Microsoft — along with its founder, Bill Gates, and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella — has backed up its vocal support by increasing its humanitarian aid and providing technical support against cyberattacks. During previous global conflicts, most multinational corporations remained neutral, despite this neutrality disappointing some clients. Now, in the social media age, companies of all sizes are compelled to openly support causes, such as the defense of Ukraine.

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In its efforts, Microsoft has committed over $35 million in humanitarian aid, including $18 million in technology aimed at providing services and support on the ground. Skype, the company’s video conferencing and communications platform, is providing free calling into and out of Ukraine, and the company is matching and doubling employee donations. Other tech tycoons, including SpaceX/Tesla’s Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, have been using their digital pulpits as well as providing significant financial support.