Microsoft Embraces Passkeys: A Step Towards A Passwordless Future

Microsoft has announced the full implementation of passkey support for all consumer accounts, extending the convenience of password-free sign-ins across Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. This move comes after the initial rollout of passkey support in Windows 11, offering users the option to utilize their face, fingerprint, PIN, or a security key for seamless authentication. With passkeys, users can access various Microsoft apps and websites, including Microsoft 365 and Copilot, simplifying the sign-in process across desktop and mobile browsers.

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Passkeys signify a significant stride in Microsoft's journey towards a passwordless future, building upon previous innovations such as Windows Hello authentication introduced in 2015 and FIDO security key support initiated in 2018. Embracing WebAuthn technology, passkeys generate two distinct keys, ensuring secure authentication with one key stored by the respective website or service and a private key safeguarded on the user's device. Furthermore, in the event of device loss or damage, passkey-enabled services offer reassurance through backup authentication methods, including phone numbers, email addresses, or hardware security keys. This evolution reflects a broader industry trend, with major players like Apple, Google, and others adopting passkeys, showcasing their growing popularity and efficacy as an alternative to traditional passwords.

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