Microsoft Introduces “Industrial Metaverse”

While the metaverse has yet to evolve into the virtual marketplace and social interaction platform some envision it to become, Microsoft is putting the concept to work, literally. The tech giant has announced that Kawasaki is one of its first customers for its so-called “industrial metaverse,” in which workers will utilize HoloLens headsets to help with production, repairs, and managing supply chains. Kawasaki, the Japanese company best known for its powersports vehicles, will use the initiative to build a new digital environment for its robotics division.

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First launched in 2016, the Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality headset that has been put to use in engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, and education, with more applications under development. For Kawasaki, factory floor workers can use the headset to oversee and ramp up production or guide workers through complicated repairs. The motorsports company joins Heinz as another big name business to sign up for the industrial metaverse; the condiment company is using the technology in its ketchup production. Aerospace corporation Boeing is also using Microsoft’s augmented reality tech to build airplanes.