Microsoft to Introduce ChatGPT-Based Tech for Customers to Create Custom Chatbots and More

Microsoft is planning to release software to help customers create their own chatbots using the same technology that underpins the popular ChatGPT. Since its release by the startup OpenAI, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, thanks to its ability to return answers about a wide array of subjects and in numerous styles. With the platform adding users at a rate faster than TikTok, the Seattle tech giant is eager to capitalize on ChatGPT’s popularity.

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Microsoft, which controls the cloud computing back end of ChatGPT, has invested billions into OpenAI, so its interest in the company is more than just peripheral. The company has already integrated ChatGPT-like technology into its search engine, Bing, and its web browser, Edge, in hopes of raising its profile compared to Google. Microsoft also intends to introduce technology for enterprises, schools, and governments to create their own AI-powered bots or refine their existing chatbots. This could also enhance call centers by providing responses for customer service agents to respond to customer inquiries.

ChatGPT is currently unable to provide any substantial information from before 2021, but Microsoft plans to provide updated data for its bot-based business accounts. It also wants to give its customers the ability to add their custom data and refine the voices of their chatbots.