NetApp Cloud Leader Anthony Lye to Lead Palantir Apollo

Anthony Lye, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the public cloud business unit at NetApp, has left the company to join Palantir Technologies. In his time with the company, Lye led NetApp’s cloud services growth and successful transition away from legacy storage systems. He also oversaw the acquisition of several companies, including Talon Storage Solutions, CloudHawk, and Cloud Jumper, as he built a cloud services industry leader.

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Lye is joining Palantir as the new global head of Palantir Apollo and the product-led growth business unit. In his dual role, he will strategize on how to deliver things like the Apollo continuous delivery system as a service for clients and partners. He will also lead the building of new consumption models for Palantir Foundry, an open architecture connecting data, analytics, and business teams to a common foundation.

During his time with NetApp, Lye helped its cloud business go from $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) to more than $500 million. He also effected the growth of cloud compute, applications, and virtual desktop infrastructure that made the company a market leader in cloud services.