New Boomi CEO Steve Lucas Is Ready to Take the Data Integration Market By Storm

After several years of disruption, data integration software provider Boomi is being wrangled into stability by new Chief Executive Officer Steve Lucas, an industry veteran with nearly three decades of experience. Lucas previously served in executive roles with iCIMS, Adobe, SAP and Salesforce, so he knows what it takes for a company to succeed in a crowded market. But the application integration market is in a consolidation phase, leaving opportunities for the CEO to stay competitive with larger rivals.

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For starters, Boomi looks to radically simplify the complex data integration process. The company is on the verge of releasing a Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) that would enable the artificial intelligence model to take actions. Lucas also intends to incorporate low-code/no-code capabilities to the company’s products, and to improve machine learning to find the most effective integration patterns.

“Major software players like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe don’t want to talk to each other,” according to the CEO. With a total addressable market of $17 billion and counting, he is confident that his new company will find its place among the giants.