New Study Shows Strong Customer Interest In SaaS Solutions

Oakland, California-based technology company, Navis has unveiled a new study that explores strong, growing interest among customers in moving IT operations to the cloud, and doing so with SaaS-based solutions.

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Gartner anticipates that SaaS solutions will generate revenue close to $105 billion in 2020 alone, which is $20 billion more than estimates for just a year ago in 2019. Despite global IT spending being down due to the economic impact of the global pandemic, cloud growth also remains positive, with cloud spending in particular expected to rise 6.3% year-over-year.

With this growth, SaaS is expected to maintain its dominance. In 2020, the SaaS sector is expected to bring in around $105 billion with Gartner projecting that this number will grow to $141 billion by 2020.

Navis’ survey seems to confirm this, with 60% of respondents saying they would consider moving their Terminal Operating System (TOS) to the cloud within four years. Meanwhile, 23% said they’re looking at a shorter window of one to two years. Though, an overwhelming 93% of respondents said they are interested in exploring more about Navis’ N4 SaaS solution—a cloud based TOS that includes all the capabilities of N4 without the associated costs and complexities of deploying, maintaining, and managing it—and 62% have already taken active steps, reporting at least some familiarity with the offering.

The study gathered answers from 79 Navis N4 customers. These respondents then offered insights into their interest and projected timelines for moving their TOS and other terminal applications to the cloud. The study also explored the key benefits customers anticipate as well as the myths and concerns associated with the shift towards the cloud.

“Cloud-based solutions and SaaS offerings are gaining momentum in the shipping industry as we have seen with Octopi by Navis for smaller terminals. Now, larger terminals are increasingly looking at how terminal operating solutions can further optimize their operations and save them time and money,” said Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer at Navis. “As we saw in our survey, terminals are beginning to explore the many benefits that a SaaS solution provides and we’re excited to partner with our customers as they make this important transition.”

With most industries looking to the cloud to manage their digitalization, the importance of SaaS solutions to facilitate that transition will only continue to increase.