Nexa Equity Launches $180M Fund for Lower-Middle Market Software and FinTech Scaling

Nexa Equity, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, has recently made a significant move in the world of technology investments with the launch of its inaugural fund, Nexa Equity Fund I, L.P. The fund has successfully closed with over $180 million in capital commitments, indicating strong investor interest and confidence in its equity strategy.

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Led by Founder and Managing Partner Vlad Besprozvany, Nexa Equity has quickly established itself as a reputable player in the private equity space. In addition to the fund, Nexa Equity raised an additional $150 million through deal-specific co-investment instruments, bringing its total investment capacity to $380 million. 

With a specific focus on lower-middle market application software and fintech companies, Nexa Equity aims to support and scale businesses that are revolutionizing their respective industries through innovative technology solutions.

The firm's primary focus is working closely with founders and management teams of high-growth software and fintech firms operating in the lower-middle market. By providing strategic guidance and capital, Nexa Equity aims to support these innovative teams in establishing breakthrough software companies. 

Nexa Equity's team of 14 experienced professionals and operators brings together a wealth of expertise from reputable firms such as Insight Partners, Thoma Bravo, Genstar Capital, K1 Investment Management, Luminate Capital, and Diversis Capital.

By partnering with rapidly scaling software and fintech companies, Nexa Equity aims to address markets that have been historically underserved by technology, creating enduring value for both their investors and portfolio companies. Nexa Equity's current portfolio showcases the diverse range of companies they have chosen to invest in. Among their notable investments are AutoReturn; a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Choice; a fintech company that caters to software companies, HomeTown; a events management and ticketing software, Leap; an all-in-one business management and sales enablement suite and Storewisel a unique provider of retail automation software/ 

With over $330 million in private equity capital currently under management, Nexa Equity is poised for further growth and expansion. 

Their focus on partnering with founder-led companies that demonstrate rapid scaling potential sets them apart in the competitive investment landscape. 

As Nexa Equity continues to grow its portfolio, it remains dedicated to partnering with visionary founders and supporting their journey toward success.