Nvidia Announces Acquisition Of SwiftStack As It Moves Towards A Customer-Centric Approach

Santa Clara, California-based company, Nvidia, announced its acquisition of SwiftStack, a company that produces storage and architecture technology. The company is already embedded in the Nvidia DGX server and supercomputer, which are specifically built to accelerate AI applications, helping to support large-scale AI and machine learning deployments.

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Founded in 2011 by Arnold, Anders Tjernlund, Darrell Bishop and Orion Auld, SwiftStack has raised a total of $23.6 million in funding over three rounds, with investments from Mayfield Fund, OpenView Venture Partners, Storm Ventures, and UMC Capital. The company's platform manages multiple object storage clusters featuring configuration, authentication, cluster management and capacity management capabilities. This enables enterprises to transfer workloads between clouds with universal access to data across on-premises and public and customers to use it for their data-centric workflows, including content delivery, active archive, collaboration and research.

The deal is expected to close in the next few weeks, following regulatory approval. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In a blog post, CPO and co-founder of SwiftStack Joe Arnold shared his excitement. "Last year, when we announced SwiftStack 7, we unveiled our focus on the SwiftStack Data Platform for AI, HPC, and accelerated computing. This included SwiftStack 1space as a valuable piece of the puzzle, enabling data acceleration in the core, at the edge, and in the cloud," he writes. "To our existing customers—we will continue to maintain, enhance, and support 1space, ProxyFS, Swift, and the Controller. SwiftStack's technology is already a key part of NVIDIA's GPU-powered AI infrastructure, and this acquisition will strengthen what we do for you."

This acquisition signals a move towards a customer-centric approach, as the company looks to accomplish a complete solution to target the need for high performing data centers for itself and its customer base. Through the acquisition of SwiftStack, the company will be able to intensify its customer relationships with companies who already deployed SwiftStack before the purchase took place. SwiftStack lists the likes of PayPal, Rogers, data center provider DC Blox, Snapfish and Verizon as its client base.

SwiftStack has noted that its team will continue to maintain an existing set of open source tools like Swift, ProxyFS, 1space and Controller.