Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Anticipates Artificial General Intelligence in Five Years

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, a leading figure in artificial intelligence (AI) chip manufacturing, stated on March 1, 2024, that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could be achieved within five years, depending on the definition of the goal. Huang, responsible for AI chips used in systems like OpenAI's ChatGPT, suggested that if AGI is defined by the ability to pass human tests, it could become a reality in the near future. He asserted that providing an AI with various tests, encompassing legal bar exams and specialized medical assessments, could be successfully accomplished within the next five years, marking a significant advancement in AI capabilities.

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However, Huang acknowledged the complexity of defining AGI, emphasizing that disagreements among scientists on how to describe human minds make it challenging to achieve as an engineer. While certain tests pose challenges to current AI capabilities, Huang expressed confidence that continuous improvements in algorithms and processing would contribute to overcoming these obstacles. Additionally, in response to concerns about the demand for chip factories to support the expanding AI industry, Huang highlighted the need for more facilities while noting that advancements in computing efficiency would mitigate the overall demand for chips over time.

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