NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Sees Artificial Intelligence at an “Inflection Point”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its ever-growing array of applications have taken both the tech world and popular culture by storm, introducing internet users to AI-generated content and the uncanny nature of AI chatbots. NVIDIA Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang thinks the technology is at an inflection point, paving the way toward widespread adoption that will reach all industries. Now that the AI genie is out of the bottle, interest has accelerated in the versatility and capabilities of the new technology, and Huang sees it from corporations to startups.

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Huang has previously lauded ChatGPT and its potential, calling its popularity AI’s “iPhone moment,” but his company is making its own moves to harness the technology. NVIDIA Voice, for example, uses AI to eliminate background noise from microphones for users of its graphics cards, and the company is developing other new AI services. The CEO now sees “a sense of urgency” from enterprises to adopt or develop AI technologies and services, which can get expensive for small and medium businesses.

So, just as Microsoft invests billions into OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google prepares to roll out its own Bard chatbot, Huang’s company is going to have to make strategic investments to stay atop the AI chip market.