NVIDIA CEO Sees Massive Potential in AI-Powered Language Models-as-a-Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change every industry in one way or another, with companies like Meta banking on how the technology could transform how people interact. Jensen Huang, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nvidia, foresees the technology’s potential in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) realm. In his keynote speech at the company’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Huang announced two of his company’s long-term cloud computing SaaS platforms: Large Language Model Cloud Services and Omniverse Cloud Solutions.

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In Large Language Model Cloud Services, Huang sees the potential for one of the biggest opportunities yet. It can take a deep learning artificial intelligence program, such as GPT-3 or Nvidia's Megatron-Turing 530B, and fine tune it to certain applications and make it specific for a task while reducing the customer’s effort. The Omniverse Cloud Solutions service offers an infrastructure SaaS that lets multiple parties collaborate on 3-D models and behavior.

The CEO believes that AI language models as services have such a wide application in everything from cloud computing to digital biology that it is one of the largest software opportunities ever. The Omniverse platform, meanwhile, stores data and connects applications, robotics, and entire digital worlds. Both platforms could keep Nvidia competitive in the virtualization of technology across many industries for years to come.