Nvidia Corp. Shatters Records with Historic Financial Performance

Nvidia Corp. recently concluded its 2024 fiscal year, delivering staggering financial results that have set unprecedented benchmarks. The chipmaker reported a historic profit of $29.76 billion, surpassing its own 25-year record and eclipsing the previous year's sales of approximately $27 billion. The remarkable feat places Nvidia in a league of its own, as Dow Jones Market Data reveals that, since 1999, no company at Nvidia's scale has achieved such a substantial jump in annual profit compared to past revenue totals.

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The financial triumphs continue as Wall Street anticipates Nvidia to break the $100 billion revenue barrier in the current fiscal year, a milestone never attained by even industry giants like Intel Corp. Furthermore, if the projections hold true, Nvidia would establish an extraordinary net profit margin, surpassing 50%, a feat unseen in corporate financial records dating back to 1999. These remarkable achievements position Nvidia as a trailblazer in the tech industry, rewriting financial records and setting a new standard for profit margins at an unprecedented scale.

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