Oppo Unveils Air Glass 3 AR Prototype at MWC 2024, Promising a Glimpse into the Future of AI-Powered Eyewear

Oppo unveiled the Air Glass 3 AR glasses at the Mobile World Congress 2024, joining the ranks of companies exploring AI-powered smart eyewear. The prototype boasts 50g design housing 1,000-nit displays that, upon boot-up, provide users with a schedule breakdown. The glasses seamlessly integrated into a user's workday, from receiving early meeting notifications to utilizing Oppo's AndesGPT AI model for real-time question answering during a meeting. The device showcased the ability to generate prototype designs based on discussed details, turning concepts into visual representations. The Air Glass 3 features built-in speakers for music playback, enhancing the user experience.

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While Oppo's Air Glass 3 remains a prototype, its capabilities parallel current advancements in smart eyewear, with features resembling Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses and the Xreal Air 2. The Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses offer AI-driven voice-controlled ChatGPT capabilities, 'Look and Ask' context recognition, and notification alerts, similar to Oppo's concept. The Xreal Air 2, priced at $399, offers an AR display comparable to Oppo's prototype. While the feasibility of AI creating fully functional product designs remains uncertain, Oppo's Air Glass 3 provides a promising glimpse into the potential future of AI-integrated eyewear, leaving anticipation for its global release outside China.

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