Oracle Adding High-Value AI Services To Its Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Cloud computing leader Oracle has announced a new suite of artificial intelligence services built to fortify its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) by making it easier and faster for developers to apply AI to different enterprise scenarios without the need for data science expertise. These services are intended to bring machine learning and AI to the OCI, the company’s public cloud platform used for the development and deployment of big data applications. The six new services are aimed at helping developers with a range of complex tasks, including language, computer vision, anomaly detection, and forecasting.

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The new OCI AI services are at the center of Oracle AI, the company’s suite of AI tools that includes Oracle Digital Assistant, OCI Data Science, and Oracle Database Machine Learning, which are used for building, managing, and deploying machine-learning models. Given the current demand for skilled data scientists across many industries, companies need to harness the power of AI-enabled tools like those in the Oracle AI services suite. Oracle’s AI services are built to compete with similar tools currently being used by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and have already been deployed with companies like Bosch Service Solutions and NVIDIA.