Oracle and Microsoft Launch Oracle Database Service for Azure in Big Tech Team-Up

Big tech competitors Microsoft and Oracle have allied for their mutual benefit, launching Oracle Database Service for Azure. The new service will give Azure customers direct access to Oracle databases running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and monitor Oracle databases from within the Azure environment. The joint project will enable enterprises to provision and manage Oracle databases running on OCI using an Azure-native API and console, according to Kris Rice, vice president of software development for Oracle Database.

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The new service is the result of a three-year-old partnership between the two rivals, which has enabled their common enterprise customers to run workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud to reduce latency. Enterprises will be able to access Oracle Database Service for Azure—as well as Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, or data transfer when moving data between OCI and Azure—free of charge. However, those companies will still need to pay for the other Azure or Oracle services they use, such as Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database. Microsoft and Oracle intend for the service to reduce complexity for developers, CIOs, data scientists, engineers, and more.