Oracle Challenges Intel with Ampere Chip Database Integration

In a groundbreaking move, Oracle Corporation has unveiled its integration of industry-leading database software with a new processor, effectively disrupting Intel Corporation's long-standing dominance in the lucrative data center sector.

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This announcement marks the first time in decades that Oracle's software can be used with a processor other than Intel's, presenting a formidable challenge to Intel's supremacy.

In a blog post released on June 28, 2023, Oracle declared that servers powered by Ampere Computing can now effectively run their latest database software. This groundbreaking development offers customers the option to deploy the database either on Oracle's cloud service or on their own on-premises servers, utilizing Ampere's Arm Ltd.-based CPUs.

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison, speaking via video at a chipmaker event in Menlo Park, California, expressed his enthusiasm for Ampere's CPUs, highlighting their superior performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Ellison emphasized, "We get more performance for dramatically less cost. We're better economically." This affirmation solidifies Oracle's confidence in the capabilities of Ampere's processors, further bolstering their position in the market.

Until now, Oracle has primarily supported processors from Intel and AMD. However, the introduction of Ampere's chips has brought about a seismic shift in the data center landscape. Intel, previously holding a commanding 99% market share in the data center processor segment, is now facing stiff competition from Oracle's new offering.

Furthermore, AMD's recent advancements in processor technology, coupled with Inc.'s adoption of Arm-based CPUs, have contributed to a diversification of options and accelerated growth for these companies.

Ellison acknowledged that transitioning to a new supplier represents a significant commitment, given the underlying architectural changes involved. Nevertheless, Oracle firmly believes that embracing this new partnership with Ampere is a strategic move that aligns with the future trajectory of the industry. This bold decision signals Oracle's willingness to adapt and innovate, effectively positioning them as trailblazers in the evolving data center market.

Ampere Computing, headquartered in Santa Clara and just five years old, has emerged as a rising star in the semiconductor industry. With their Arm-based CPUs, Ampere has swiftly gained recognition for their performance and cost-effectiveness.

The collaboration with Oracle further solidifies Ampere's position as a key player, enabling them to penetrate the data center sector in a substantial way.

As the integration of Oracle's database software with Ampere's chips takes center stage, industry analysts and competitors are closely watching the repercussions of this significant shift. Intel, in particular, will face immense pressure to respond and maintain its market dominance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of data center technology, Oracle's strategic move with Ampere marks a defining moment and sets the stage for intensified competition, ultimately driving innovation and benefiting customers in the long run.