Oracle Database at Azure Revolutionizes Cloud Migration

In a groundbreaking partnership, Oracle and Microsoft have joined forces to propel cloud migration into a new era with the introduction of Oracle Database@Azure. This innovative service seamlessly integrates the unparalleled performance, scalability, and availability of Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with the robust security and flexibility offered by Microsoft Azure.

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Customers stand to gain a multitude of benefits from this collaboration. Firstly, Oracle Database@Azure provides an array of cloud migration alternatives, ensuring that businesses have the flexibility to choose the approach that best suits their needs. Moreover, it guarantees maximum database performance, scale, availability, features, and cost efficiency, effectively streamlining operations and reducing overhead.

One of the key advantages of this partnership is the convenience, security, and low-latency access to Azure's single datacenter. This ensures that businesses can operate with confidence, knowing that their critical data is housed in a secure environment with minimal latency. Additionally, the integration of Oracle's database services with Azure's finest AI capabilities opens up new possibilities for developing cloud-native applications that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella, emphasized the transformative potential of this venture, stating, “We have a real opportunity to help organizations bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud so they can transform every part of their business with this next generation of AI.”

Furthermore, Oracle Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison, highlighted that the collaboration is designed to simplify the process of linking Azure Services with the latest Oracle database technology. By colocating Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure datacenters, customers can achieve optimal database and network performance.

The integration of Oracle database deployment, management, and usage on Azure ensures a seamless experience for enterprises. Existing talents can be leveraged to harness the combined capabilities of Oracle and Microsoft directly within the Azure interface, leading to breakthroughs in cloud computing.

Addressing concerns about multicloud architecture adoption, this partnership offers a solution to issues like disconnected administration, segregated tools, and complex purchasing processes. Customers now have the option to deploy Azure services alongside fully managed Oracle Database services in a single datacenter, including Oracle Exadata Database, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Purchasing and contracting have also been streamlined. Oracle Database@Azure can be easily acquired through Azure Marketplace using Azure agreements, with features like Bring Your Own License and Oracle Support Rewards still applicable.

Importantly, this collaboration has garnered praise from industry leaders and major corporations alike. Fidelity Investments, PepsiCo, Vodafone, and Voya Financial are among the companies that have voiced their support for this transformative venture.

As Oracle takes the reins of OCI services in Microsoft's datacenters worldwide, starting in North America and Europe, the Oracle Database@Azure partnership is set to revolutionize cloud migration and reshape the future of cloud computing for businesses across the globe. The synergistic blend of Oracle's expertise and Microsoft's infrastructure heralds a new era of cloud innovation and performance.