Oracle Deepens Relationship With US Government

The federal government is making significant changes when it comes to a move to the cloud. The most recent development is with Oracle, which has announced it has received a new authority to operate for a set of cloud offerings under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRAMP), expanding the range of Oracle cloud products available to the federal government.

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FedRAMP is the federal government program that sets the standard for assessing, authorizing, and monitoring cloud systems' security. Similarly, DISA offers a variety of compliance and security assessments to accredit cloud systems for use by DoD and federal organizations. By attaining accreditations from both FedRAMP and DISA, Oracle's government customers can be assured that Oracle's cloud offerings have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by leading technology officials.

Oracle’s attainment of FedRAMP High Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) and an Impact Level 5 (IL5) accreditation for IaaS and PaaS, will help boost the efficiency of cloud services for government customers to use. Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution will deliver FedRAMP high security, predictable costs, and a single source for technical support, along with clear authority over systems control.

The company said Wednesday the Joint Authorization Board awarded the FedRAMP high provisional ATO while the Defense Information Systems Agency granted Oracle an impact level 5 accreditation for its Cloud VMware Solution and Digital Assistant products.

Oracle Digital Assistant is designed to help agencies converse with citizens in real time and address concerns. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution uses VMware tools to help users migrate on-premise environments to the cloud.

“We look forward to expanding our cloud offerings to support the mission and purpose of U.S. government agencies,” said Rand Waldron, vice president for global government at Oracle.

The news comes as mLogica announced its partnership with Oracle on a state and federal agency initiative. mLogica is a market leader in enterprise, mission critical, cloud modernization, leveraging its automated suite of migration software (AMS); and has recently developed and released a hyper-scale Big Data Analytics Solution (MCAP) to address commercial and government data challenges.

Oracle has also expanded its commitment to the UK Government with the update of an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Oracle, as well as a new commitment to enhance Oracle’s Government Centre of Excellence. The updated arrangement is expected to foster an even stronger working relationship between Oracle and the U.K. public sector, enabling better use of secure cloud technologies.