Oracle Enhances Database with AI Features to Bolster Cloud Offering

Oracle has unveiled plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) features into its flagship database software, aiming to enhance its cloud-computing platform's appeal. With Oracle's Database 23ai service, businesses can leverage AI-driven capabilities to search private data using plain English queries, streamlining data analysis and decision-making processes. This move underscores Oracle's strategy to compete with leading cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft, leveraging its database technology as a key differentiator in the cloud market.

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Despite Oracle's smaller market share compared to industry giants Amazon and Microsoft, the company is intensifying efforts to expand its cloud business by integrating AI functionalities and forging strategic partnerships. Oracle's collaboration with Microsoft, particularly through the Oracle Database@Azure service, demonstrates its commitment to facilitating seamless integration between its database solutions and Microsoft's cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, Oracle's recent investments in expanding data center capacity and cloud infrastructure underscore its dedication to meeting growing customer demand and solidifying its position in the competitive cloud market landscape.

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